Sunday 4th August – Results

Fun Run

1st Fraser Sproul
2nd Skip Snelson
3rd Clement Sarrazin

1st Caroline Pyper
2nd Jan Cook
3rd Penny Guess

Over 50 Men
1st Matt Wheeler
2nd Steve Turley
3rd Charlie Ward

Over 50 Ladies
1st Helen McPhee
2nd June Baker
3rd Sue Rogers

1st Cameron Gardner
2nd Sam Webber
3rd Reuben Snelson

1st Georgiana Nason
2nd Charlotte Docwra
3rd Ellie Beech

Parent and Child
1st Jack, Harry and Jacks Dad
2nd Charlie and Dan Murray
3rd Oliver and Darren Thorne

Thank you to all that participated, approximately 270 of you this year.

Pavement Drawing

5 & Under
1st Anya
2nd Felicity
3rd Alice

6-9 years
1st Aston
2nd Elsie
3rd Harry

10 & Over
1st Arlo
2nd Hatty
3rd Layla

Water Treasure Hunt

1st – Team Doris
2nd – Oliver’s Army
3rd – The Wadey family

Under 12s
1st – Amelie Gould
2nd – Jezze Mezger
3rd – W & R Squire