Pub Quiz Trail 2019 – Results

The Victoria Inn
Horatio C Gull can se no what in the garden? Chips
On the Summer Seaside treats menu – What boat brings the lobster in? Mayhem II SE33
How many men in the “Burner’s Victoria Inn 1950” picture? 10
How many half boas at the top of the garden? 4
Fortescue Inn
What is the name on the propeller above the lounge bar? Dave The Wave
9lb 15.5oz – who caught it? Chris Bradford
What’s the red-head gin in the Ship’s bar called? Little Bird
What time does the jukebox turn down? 11pm
The Ferry Inn
What beer is the haddock battered in? Palmers
The Ferry Inn prayer – “Give us this day our…………”? Foaming head
Two words to describe the Ladies and Mens toilets Buoys & Gulls
What make of surfboard is on the ceiling of the downstairs bar? Lozen
Kings Arms
How many lightbulbs hanging above the coffee station? 6
By the toilets – who won Shipwrights Arms tankard in 2018? Eva Puncher
On the bookshelf – A Rive Ran Out of Eden, Seven Days in May, Queen Mary and ………..? Star-Raker
How many Two birds behind the bar? 8
Island Street Bar & Grill
Gordons, Cherry Heering, Pineapple, Lemon, Grenadine – make what? Winky Pinky
PZ33, PH411, SE35 & ………….? J347
A deceased human’s rum digits Dead Man’s Fingers
How many “fresh local seafood” are listed outside? 6