Sunday 12th August – Results

Fun Run

1st Ben Wills
2nd Tom Walter
3rd Skip Snelson

1st Caroline Pyper
2nd Penny Guess
3rd Rebecca Hughes

Over 50 Men
1st Andrew Griffiths
2nd Clive Hallett
3rd Charlie Lloyd

Over 50 Ladies
1st Julia Mawdesley-Thomas
2nd Jackie Hallett and Carol Philcox
3rd Helen Holt

1st Freddie Janta-Lipinski
2nd Ollie Meadowcroft
3rd Reuben Snelson

1st Grace Bowra
2nd Holly Sumner
3rd Llywela Kenton

Parent and Child
1st Harry & Adrian Sewell
2nd Jack & Mark Bowra
3rd Orin & Gareth Thomas

Group Crab Catching
Heidi, Keely and Libby. Winners with 17 crabs!