Pub Quiz Trail – Results

The Victoria Inn
What flavours of beer can the dogs drink? Beef or Chicken
A Jon Woolfenden masterpiece is named what? The Letterbox
How many oars in the play area? 4 4
The man reading the paper in the man creche – What colour jumper is he wearing? Green
Fortescue Inn
The record-breaking Bream was caught in which year? 1991
The clock in the Ship’s Bar is called? Kronenbourg
The name of the girl who’s Code is pink on the bar Emily
How many umbrella’s are in the beer garden? 9
The Ferry Inn
When is Steak & Quiz night? Thursday
A Drinking Town with a Sailing Problem
The word under the stone is Oars
Thirsty Dog? The tap is on the side of the hut
Kings Arms
Which sea creature is serving Cappucino and Coffee? Crab
On the noticeboard, complete the number…. SSR14 1687
Which nocturnal animal is up in the terrace bar? Badger
Harbour Shellfish Whitstable Natives
Island Street Bar & Grill
Outside. What number is on the surfboard? 2
What club can you see from the balcony? Salcombe Estuary Rowing Club
How many Taxi companies on the list? 8
What is the answer when you can’t remember the question? Beer